The Pros And Cons Of American Style Fridge Freezers

High on most foodies’ wish list if they are designing a new kitchen for themselves is the American style fridge freezer. As a company that offers American fridge freezer repairs, we see a lot of these in the home environment, so we thought we’d give a quick round-up of the pros and cons of these fashionable status symbols.

American Style Fridge Freezers

The benefits you get with an American fridge freezer

  • The main difference you’ll notice between one of these monsters and your average UK model is simply a far greater capacity. In fact, it’s estimated that the average American fridge freezer will hold around a staggering 30 shopping bags full of food! So they’re ideal if you have a big family, frequent house guests or like to celebrate Christmas and other occasions with plenty of home cooking.
  • They’re also versatile when you buy them – you get the fridge on one side, the freezer on the other, but when you choose your model, you can opt for a 50-50 split, a 60-40 split or even a 70-30 split. So the capacity of each side is up to you, depending on whether you tend more towards frozen or fresh food.
  • Aside from that, they are packed with the latest technology, all helping to keep your food fresher for longer by maintaining the optimum temperature. This is especially great if you’re concerned with cutting down on food waste. You can also usually get an ice and water dispenser incorporated, so you’ll always have chilled water and ice when you need it.
  • Finally, the aesthetics – you can’t beat them for style. If you want a focal point in your kitchen, a brushed stainless steel or retro coloured fridge makes an eye-catching statement.

Possible disadvantages

  • Unsurprisingly given their capacity, they are an awful lot bigger than the typical fridge freezer. You need more height, more width and more depth in your kitchen to accommodate one. So measure carefully, especially if you have a kitchen that’s on the smaller side. Even if you have a larger kitchen, if you’re hoping to insert one without doing a full scale kitchen replacement, you may have trouble fitting it in around existing units and appliances.
  • Again, talking about capacity: will you really use it all, or only on high days and holidays? If it’s going to remain virtually unfilled a lot of the time, you could end up paying more for refrigeration on your energy bills than you need.
  • Because of their many features and great appeal, they’re a lot more expensive than the standard fridge freezer. Additionally, if anything goes wrong, you may find that American fridge freezer repairs cost more than the average.

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